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Anthony Montenegro

Anthony Montenegro joined Freedom Dream Team, Inc. in 2007, which was started in 1984. He has an affinity for helping people and appreciates knowing he’s keeping clients’ finances safe.

Anthony has been in this business for nearly half his life, and understands the industry as well as anyone out there. He helps provide clients with safer money solutions, to protect their money, even in bad economic conditions. He and his staff are dedicated to having the best customer service in the industry.

Anthony does live training monthly for hundreds of agents. He is among Forbes’ Top Financial Security Professionals of 2021 and 2022.

Anthony is dedicated, caring, and hard-working. However, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s married, with 2 daughters. He enjoys traveling, spending time with his family, and sports.

Jean Peckfelder

Jean Peckfelder is the Insurance Producer and Office Manager for Freedom Dream Team’s Canoga Park office. She oversees just about everything in the office: client service, new applications, death claims, etc. She loves working with clients in any aspect. Jean takes great pride in the fact that she’s helping others to secure their future, and how much the work she does means to them. Jean has an Insurance Producer License and has worked in this industry in some capacity since 1998. When not working, she looks after her grandkids. She’s also a ministry leader and involved with numerous local charities.

Shirley Barreras

Shirley Barreras works in Client Services. She answers phones, schedules appointments, processes paperwork for companies and clients, and updates Transfer Histories. She has a knack for talking to clients, and enjoys the fact that her job makes other people’s lives easier. She’s had multiple other jobs in Customer Service, but really connects with Freedom Dream Team’s friendly atmosphere and generosity. Shirley is married to her husband of 38 years, and has one adult son. She lives in San Fernando, California, with her husband, dog, and 3 cats.

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